Friday was a bit of a stressful day. First off, I only got an hour of sleep the night before. Our baby, Chuy Chihuahua was up all night sick and couldn’t sleep. I decided to take him to the vet later in the morning and that took up a chunk of my day. He had a foreign body in his belly and it needed to pass.Thank goodness he is doing a million times better and is OK!
I was already running low of some of my “powerful” foods, so I didn’t do a good job planning my meals.
Here’s my food journal.
I ended up using 43 points for the day! Whoa!
I ended up with 9 over my daily limit of 34 because I was absolutely starving later in the night. Probably because I only ate carbs all day! LOL My husband and I went to Wendy’s and I got the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Trust me when I say it was painful watching him scarf down a number 2, double stack with cheese. Ughh!
I would normally have allowed myself to also order a #2 and use my “stressful” day as the excuse. Woo Hoo to salads!
I’ll post the rest of my weekend journals tomorrow. Talk soon!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
~Albert Einstein~