How do I describe yesterday? ANGRY!

Just flipping Angry. Angry at everything. I’ll write a blog about it to explain.

All I’ve wanted to do since Thursday is EAT. I’ve been PMS’ing, having migraines, and just want to curl up in a ball and eat. I hate it. I hate feeling like I have no control. Ugh!

Sometimes, I hate sharing my journal because it’s not “perfect.” Not being perceived as perfect is something I’m slowly getting over. None of you will do the program perfectly either and that is OK!!!!

Monday nights are almost always sushi nights with my husband. It’s just become our thing.

Weight_Watchers_Journal for 1-23-12

When you’re frustrated, make note of your frustration and keep going. When you’re tired and weary, take time out for a little rest, and then keep going.
~Ralph Martson~


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