Happy Cinco de Mayo! Well, like I always say there is never a “perfect” time to start Weight Watchers. I always hear people saying how they can’t start because of this holiday, that holiday, vacation, etc. Do you know what those are?


We forget that it’s not a temporary fix but a matter of changing years of bad habits. We can’t go overboard every single time a holiday or special event pops up. Before you know, you’ll end up gaining weight, aging, and who knows what else. It’s abut taking control of the NOW and doing something about it. Even if they are baby steps. Those are still steps in the right direction.

Today I was faced with how I would handle Cinco de Mayo. Given that my husband is Mexican, of course we have to celebrate and indulge. How did I do?

Breakfast – 5 Points
I stuck to my good ole’ staple: A Smartones Breakfast Quesadilla. I really do love those. They are easy, fast, and yummy!

Lunch – 9 Points
I met up with friends for a Mexican lunch. It’s always great to get out for lunch, since I work from home.

I made sure not to come to lunch starving. I also paced myself and didn’t go crazy with the chips. 12 tortilla chips is 4 points!

I love this tool from Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers Mexican Cheat Sheet

I ordered 3 shrimp tacos without any rice or beans. That is huge for me! I ended up only eating one taco and boxed the other 2 for dinner.

I got so caught up actually enjoying the company instead of the food and forgot my box! I suppose that was a sign from above that I didn’t need it! LOL

Afternoon Snack – 4 Points
I love these wraps from Smart Ones. They are delicious and just 4 points for 2.

Dinner – 66 Points
Ok, friends this is where things got out of hand. Once the liquor started flowing, all control left the building. My husband and I went out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, since we were both off on Friday. Yikes, here goes:

    • Bacardi n Diet Coke – I ended up having 5 the entire night. But, that’s better than a 9 point Margarita!
    • Cheese Enchilada & Cheese Quesadilla with Beans n Rice. I should have just had one or the other.
  • Chips n Salsa – We went a little overboard but it’s hard to resist when they are just sitting there



The party didn’t end there. You know how you get those late night/tipsy muchees? Well, we ended up at WaWa and I got a chicken florentine wrap (never again after finding out it was 13 points!), Doritos’s, and had (don’t laugh lol) ANOTHER choclate covered banana.

AND, I forgot pics. FAIL!!!!

I ended up going negative into my weekly points allowance from just this one night of splurging. Why? I didn’t plan. But, it’s made me realize after getting back into the groove just how easy it is to get off track. When I stop journaling is when I always start gaining weight. I just have to keep at this and not stop. It will never be a temporary fix. I was a little embarrassed to share this but at the same time, I want you to know that every day isn’t perfect. Just pick yourself up, do better tomorrow, and learn something from it.

How do you think I can redeem myself this weekend? Leave me a comment with what works for you!

“Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?”