I’ve decided to start blogging about my daily food journal with Weight Watchers. I talked about this in my latest blog post here. I have to say this is really helping me stay accountable. There were a few times today that I wanted to “cheat” and have extra BLT’s (bites, licks, tastes!) but I didn’t want to let you guys down!

5.3.11 Oh and I got those sunglasses from Target in the Dollar Bins. Love it!!!

Currently, I have a total of 31 WW points to use per day. Today was my first full day back on plan and it went great! I wasn’t starving and it wasn’t a challenging day overall. I actually ended up with 5 points left over that I didn’t use. I know I’m supposed to use all my points but will try to going forward. Now, what in the world did I eat???

  • Smartones Breakfast Quesadilla – 5 points
  • Greek Yogurt – 3/4 cup with Splenda – 2 points
  • Water with Crystal Light (pink lemonade) 0 points
All of my dishes are packed up in boxes because we just bought a house and move at the end of month!

  • Smartones Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce – 8 points (I LOVE this one! It’s soooo tasty!)
  • Tysons Grilled Chicken Strips – 1 point per ounce. I like to add a little grilled chicken (2-3 ounces) to the Smartones that don’t include meat. The protein helps power you through the day.
This is the entire casserole. My husband and I both ate this and have lots of left overs!
  • Chicken Alfredo – I picked this premade dish up from the deli in Wal-Mart. Since we are moving and our house is packed up, I am looking to do as little cooking as possible. I was surprised that this was just 5 points per serving (1 cup) and it’s really yummy! I highly recommend it.
  • I had a banana between lunch and dinner. I love how the new Points Plus program gives 0 points to fruits and vegetables! Score!
  • Chocolate Covered Banana – 4points. I LOVE these sweet treats. Have you tried them? I think 4 points is a little high and I might look into a lower point DIY version.
Tomorrow I will . . .
Incorporate more fruit and vegetables in my diet. I always have a hard time with this!
What do you think of these online food journals? I’d love to know your feedback so that I can make them as useful as possible to you all.
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~Zig Ziglar~