There is no finish line in the weight loss journey.

Weight loss isn’t just about learning how to stop overeating. It’s about learning how to face and deal with your emotions and the parts of you that you don’t like so that you DON’T overeat. The diet gurus and fitness models are selling you a fantasy that there’s a finish line if you just get to your goal weight. That’s when your life will begin and you’ll forever be happy….except it’s all a lie. Sold by people that have ZERO clue what this journey is really like.

In order to break the finish line mindset in weight loss, there are five things you have to start doing and I’m breaking them down in this episode of the Irresistible You Podcast.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Preparing yourself for the new year/new you bullshit diets heading into your Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Weight loss is not just about eating less and moving more.
  • The fantasy of the weight loss finish line. Everything in my life and my body will be perfect when I get to the finish line of weight loss…except it’s a lie!
  • How to accept that life is not always happy and positive and it’s not supposed to be!
  • You need to be willing to get vulnerable and deal with your emotions.
  • Stop being in denial about yourself, your weight, and your part in the process.
  • Small changes equal big results.
  • Quit the all or nothing thinking.

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