In my last weekly weigh in, I gained 2.4 pounds. I’m happy to say I lost 3 lbs this week which made up for that gain and then some! This puts me at a total weight loss of 26.4 lbs since April 2014.  Proof that with hard work and dedication what goes up, must come down!

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I’ve mentioned before that it can be difficult to get really happy about weight loss when you’ve lost the “same” pounds over and over again. It often feels like you are just catching up to where you were when you thought you were fat so that you can keep going with the weight loss journey. Earlier this year when I realized at my doctor’s appointment how much weight I’d gained, I was horrified.

Pounds shouldn’t be your only measurement of success. I had been wearing some size 16 jeans that I finally realized were starting to fit way too big. You know it’s bad when your husband says, “I don’t really want to say anything or hurt your feelings but your ass is really sagging in those jeans. I think they are way too big.” Trust me babe, my feelings are nowhere near hurt when you tell me my jeans are too big and I need a smaller size!

Of course, I didn’t need to go shopping because my closet is full of size 14 jeans (and various other sizes) as that’s always been my “go to” size. I decided to try on my Forever 21 jeans and they fit with no jumping around the room or laying down on the bed! I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’m further along than I was 7 months ago!

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26 lbs may not feel like a lot and it may not even look all that drastic. I know my weight loss is really slow but it’s steady. I got the message loud and clear from this last major weight gain that I HAVE to do this forever. This is not a temporary solution. Intuitive eating and scale-free living is not in the cards for me. It’s just not something that works for me and I’m ok with that! I will get there and make life changing habits at the same time.

I REALLY get it now. I might have a day or two that are bad and off track . . . OR, I might even enjoy a Maple Bacon Duck Donut once in awhile because well that’s just what makes life worth living! You have to find the balance that works for YOU!

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Until next time  . . . xoxo

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