This week I’m proud to report I’m down 1.5 lbs! That brings my total loss to 17.7 lbs. Woo Hoo!

Weekly Weigh In Results 8.29.14

I was pleasantly surprised that I lost this week despite my garlic bread binge. I did get in a quite a few workouts though. I’d like to do my measurements next week so see where I’m at with that as I’ve started to notice my clothes fitting better so that’s a good sign!

My next mini-goal is to get down to 225 lbs because that’s the weight I was when I started my journey in 2009 and I’ve gained and lost weight a bunch of times in between. I put on 20 lbs from that starting weight so this first 20 lbs feels like I’m climbing my way out of debt and sometimes it’s a little hard to be excited about the weight loss. I’m extremely grateful for the weight loss but I do struggle with this at times. The past 5 years has been a HUGE learning experience for me and I have more knowledge and awareness about myself that I ever have. I know the things that trigger me and I have better coping skills than I did before.  5 years ago I didn’t even realize I’d been using food as a coping mechanism my entire life. Even though I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained a lot of other things that you can’t see on the outside. I keep meaning to write a bigger post about that and I will.

I’d love to hear how you did this past week. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

“None of us can change our yesterdays but all of us can change our tomorrows.”
~Colin Powell~