I gained 2.4 lbs this past week. I admit I’m really not surprised by my weigh in results because I didn’t put the work in. I was inconsistent with tracking and measuring. I also didn’t even get in ONE workout! When you have a bad weigh-in, all you can do is reflect on the week and decide how you can do better going forward.

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As I mentioned in my last weekly weigh in, I’ve been coming out of a fog from the death of my grandmother. Last week I spent a lot of time catching up on work and putting in 16 hour days with only a break for dinner. It was kind of necessary to get caught up on all my projects that were falling behind.

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In the past I would take a weight gain really hard. I’ve learned to give myself grace and understanding, especially given what I’ve been going through emotionally over the past few months. However, it is NOT an excuse to go completely off the wagon and I refuse to let this take me back down into that dark place.

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This week is Thanksgiving and I have a theory for getting through that holiday that is centered completely around food. For me, I don’t count points or portions on Thanksgiving. I eat what I want and enjoy the day. The very next day you best believe I’m back to counting points and putting in a workout! That might work for you and it might not. My best advice is to do what works for YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!