I’m back!!!! I was a bad Weight Watcher and a bad blogger last week. I ended up skipping my weekly measurements and progress pic post. I was SO sick. BUT, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would already know that! (shameless plug hehe) I had totally lost my mojo for basically everything! However, I feel 100 times better now and totally back to myself! I’ve been doing the Shred every single day this week and spent my entire weekend doing active things outdoors with my Chihuahua and my husband! Woo!

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Week 6 Measurements

Getting back on track, working out, and eating healthy is paying off! This week’s measurements are going DOWN! Well, except for my boobs!!! WHY?!? Ugh!

Weekly Measurements 2.27.14

Tracking body measurements instead of pounds is a new concept for me. When I started this in January, I had no clue how it would work out or if it would even be effective. The thing is week over week, your inches don’t always change or change all that drastically. So, it’s been a little frustrating at times but not nearly as dreadful as worrying about going up or down a few ounces on the scale. I also decided that I needed to monitor my progress by the way I FEEL and how my clothes FIT. Clothes do not lie! The scale might fluctuate, your inches may not budge, but the way your clothes fit your curves tells the real story.

Week 6 Progress Pics

Weekly Progress Pics for 2.27.14

Since I had a few “off” weeks, I’ve been feeling pretty low about my progress or lack thereof. Like I just mentioned, your clothes don’t lie and neither do pics! The best way to judge your weight loss progress is to compare progress pictures. I decided that since it’s been 6 weeks, it would be a good time to compare this weeks pics with my starting pic taken on January 8th.

6 Week Weight Watchers Progress - IrresistibleIcing.com

I can definitely see a difference, especially in my face and in my stomach/waist area. I just want to get rid of that ridiculous stomach roll once and for all and I will!

This is the part in the journey where you have to keep going! Changes are slowly happening but they ARE happening and if you want to see more, keep going and doing what you are doing. Don’t stop! The first 6 weeks are the hardest because you don’t feel like you are making a dent in the fat and you are busting your ass in the gym and eating healthy. BUT, change is happening.

I’m slowly but surely getting back to feeling like myself and feeling IRRESISTIBLE! I’m not there 100% yet but I’m working on it.  I wanted to share a selfie from last weekend since all my progress pics on here look I’m taking a mug shot LOL


I’m traveling on business next week, so my weekly measurements may be a day late on Friday. BUT, I’m working on a plan now to make sure that I stay on track and keep up with my workouts.

How is your journey going? Leave me a comment below so we can chat!

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