If you are new to my blog, I’ve started an experiment (so to speak) to see if it’s possible to lose weight doing Weight Watchers by tracking inches instead of pounds. Each week I share my progress, inches, and pictures. Keep reading if you want to see how I did on week three!

Week Three Measurements

As I mentioned in my starting post, I’m only tracking inches lost at this point. I use a digital body tape measure from Health O Meter as it’s more accurate than a regular tape measure. I take 3 measurements of each area to make sure I’m being as accurate as possible. Here are my measurements for week three:

Week Three Measurements for January 30, 2014

This process of tracking inches instead of pounds is still a new concept to me. I’m not sure why certain areas tend to go up and others go down. However, I do feel better, my clothes are fitting a little loser, and I can just tell that I’m losing weight based on that. Even though I’m tracking inches, I’m not letting these numbers dictate how I feel about myself.

Progress Pictures for Week Three

As much as I hate taking and posting these pics, I am starting to see a minor change from my starting measurement progress pics. Don’t mind my resting bitch face  . . . it was early in the morning lol.

Week Three Measurements on IrresistibleIcing

Thoughts on Week Three

This wasn’t the easiest week for me because I’m PMS’ing which means ridiculous carb cravings, real hunger, migraines, and just feeling extra bloated/exhausted. Yesterday was horrible and I ended the day by eating a total of 83 points. Why did I let myself go into the negative?

It was a combination of things:

PMS Carb Cravings

I crave everything with carbs during this time of the month on top of feeling REAL hunger that I can’t seem to satisfy. After a few days or so it goes away and I’m back to normal.  This has been a downfall to my healthy eating many times in my life. I usually can’t seem to get “back on the wagon” after a PMS induced binge session. NOT this time. I recognize for what it is and I’m starting fresh today. I can’t dwell on it. . . I can just do better today and each day after.

The Snowstorm of 2014

This really shouldn’t be an excuse but it was a hindrance for me to eat right even though I went grocery shopping before all the snow and planned what I would eat.  Something about being snowed in makes me just want to EAT. Top that with PMS carb cravings, and it’s a recipe for a binging disaster! Although, being snowed in and cuddling with these little cutie was pretty awesome!

Aimee and Chuy

Fail to Plan . . .

And plan to fail . . . That’s exactly what happened. Normally I check the point values on my food before I even think about eating it. Nope, not yesterday. I didn’t check the points before I scarfed down a 21 point red velvet muffin from Wawa, 7 point mac and cheese, a 7 point vanilla cappuccino, and a 10 point Mocha from McDonalds. FAIL.

On a positive note, we got these gorgeous/irresistible sprinkle covered donuts which I didn’t even touch once I realized how many points were in the red velvet muffin.

sprinkle donuts wawa

Game Plan for Week Four

There’s NOTHING I can do about my PMS/Snowstorm binge episode. I don’t want to do it again especially because my stomach was in so much pain last night that I couldn’t even get any sleep. I really don’t miss that feeling. All I can do is start fresh today and take each day one meal at a time!

This week, my game plan is simple. Go Back to Basics! I’m just focusing on the Weight Watchers basics of sticking to my daily points, measuring/weighing everything and getting in SOME sort of exercise for 30 minutes each day.

Read About My Weight Loss Journey

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How did you do this week? Leave a comment below and let me know!

dust yourself off and try again

“If at first you don’t succeed, Dust yourself off and try again. You can dust it off and try again.”