I am starting a weekly column called, “Wedding Wednesday.”

This is where I will share all the fun updates about our wedding, which is taking place on 10-30-10.

I met with the floral designer today and it was incredibly inspiring! I have always dreamed of my wedding day. I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted. That was . . . until . . .I actually started planning, looking at real money, sticking to a budget, and visualizing the ideas as my reality. Then, I started getting picky, wishy-washy and really just unsure of what I wanted. To the point of pushing this off most nights where this should be fun!

What is wrong with me??!?!!?

I’ve had a general idea of our theme but have had a hard time articulating it or bringing my vision to life. I have yet to speak to any wedding professionals that could do this for me either.

Until today.

You see, I picked the wedding date for a reason. It was not some random number. Not just because that was when the venue was available.

  1. Fall is my favorite season.
  2. October is our favorite month.
  3. 10 is our favorite number. Ironically, it’s been our favorite number our whole lives. Even before we met!
  4. Halloween is hands down, OUR favorite holiday. We love to dress up. We love to party. What’s not to love about such a fun day like that? Just imagine the anniversary parties for years to come. I plan on having a shed just for all the Halloween décor!

That said, I wanted our wedding to reflect the season and the day. BUT, without being tacky or too “in your face.” Know what I mean?

I just don’t want skulls, vampires, or anything that’s too “Halloweeny.” It needs to be elegant, classy, but fun. That reflects the two of us, perfectly.

After our meeting today, I was able to walk away with an actual theme, colors, flower scheme, etc.

Here is a sneak peek of inspiration for our big day: 

A deep plum for the bridesmaid dresses and decor.
Burnt Orange. The perfect contrast for Plum. Ahh, Fall 🙂
Gorgeous purple lighting to reflect the Fall season and the eve of Halloween.
Delicious wedding cake with cascading sugar orchids.
Orchid-like flowers immeresed in water with lighted vases.
There will be pumpkins incorporated into the decor and centerpieces. Stay tuned!
There is a “masquerade” theme brewing! Still working out the details but this will incorporate the element of Halloween into the event!


I will also keep you posted with the wedding to-do list because I might need your ideas and insight! Here goes:


  • Venue Booked
  • Officiant Booked
  • Ceremony Booked
  • Had initial meeting with wedding planner
  • Had initial meeting with event designer
  • Met with floral designer
  • Called almost all vendors from the Grand Prize Package, I won.

♥Coming Soon

  • Meeting with wedding planner, event designer at the venue next week.
  • Looking into changing our ceremony site ASAP!
  • Researching another DJ that is bilingual in Spanish and understands the music.
  • Preparing wedding website.
  • Comparing Save the Date magnets, so we can order and ship them out.

Ahhh, the world of wedding planning! It’s overwhelming but fun and exciting. Some of the best advice I received was to enjoy this time in my life and not get stressed by it. One day, I will miss it. Let me know your best wedding planning tips!