Toxic positivity is infesting social media and our culture. It needs to STOP. It begins with addressing toxic positivity with your own emotions first. If you don’t address it, it’s going to keep you stuck running on the yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle. Let’s talk about how to change that.

Toxic Positivity is Bullshit

Things Discussed in This Episode

  • What is toxic positivity?
  • Why an honest and real friend is always better than the “everything will be ok” friend.
  • Why I’m so suspicious about people that are happy and and “nice” 24/7. It’s fake, inauthentic, and harmful.
  • The problems with so called self-help gurus in spreading toxic positivity…cough, cough, Rachel Hollis.
  • Emotions are not “good” or “bad,” or all positive or all negative. Emotions are a guiding light alerting us to pay attention.

How Toxic Positivity Shows Up

  • Unpleasant emotions make you uncomfortable…yours or other people so you sugar coat it with “positive vibes.”
  • Examples of toxic positivity statements: Good vibes only, happiness is a choice, everything happens for a reason, just think positive. It could be worse.
  • You stay surface level with yourself and others. There’s no deep connection or meaning.
  • You funnel your denial into people pleasing so that everyone can see you as “nice.”
  • You invalidate those unpleasant emotions, shaming and guilting yourself and/or others for feeling that way.
  • Feeling a specific emotion doesn’t define you. For example, if you feel sad that doesn’t mean you are a sad person.
  • We are human. We are complex. We experience a range of emotions in one day.

How to Squash Toxic Positivity

  1. We need to move emotions out of our body. It’s energy and it needs to be felt and released.  Sugar coating it doesn’t make it go away.
  2. Get out of denial and accept that suffering and discomfort is just part of the human experience. You aren’t programmed to be happy and positive 24/7.
  3. Allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgement. Sit in the discomfort. That is the only way. Sugar coating a situation doesn’t make it go away. It pushes it down, and creates subconscious behavior like overeating and not understanding why you keep doing it.

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