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I’ve been making the same new years resolution every single year since I was a kid. Every year I vow that this will be THE year that I finally get to my goal weight and everything will “magically” fall into place. Once I’m skinny, I’ll be more successful, more likeable, richer, happier, etc. Then I wake up and realize that the only thing magical that is going to happen from losing this weight is fitting into my skinny jeans without huffing and puffing and putting myself into acrobatic positions to get them over my hips.  I need to change my lifestyle once and for all and stop making resolutions.

Three Tips to Change Your Lifestyle and Stop Making Resolutions by

The cycle of losing and gaining weight is crazy making behavior. If you’ve ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, you know exactly what I mean. It’s like a hamster stuck in the wheel. I finally started to see the light last year and made changes emotionally and mentally that I never had before. It doesn’t hurt that I also lost 26 lbs (and still going) in the process! This is me in May 2014 at BlogPaws and me a few weeks ago during Christmas. It’s not a HUGE change but it’s PROGRESS.

Progress Not Perfection

Keep in mind on those days when you want to quit and the weight loss seems slow that the pictures don’t show the changes that happen inside. To continue or start a weight loss journey, it has to become a lifestyle and not just a yearly resolution. Resolutions are great but most people, myself included, feel guilty and get discouraged when they aren’t achieved or done perfectly. Honey, nothing about weight loss is perfect or has a clear A to Z path! Here are three things you can start doing today to make this a lifestyle and not just another new years resolution:

1. Put Your Weight Loss Journey First

Well, that sounds incredibly selfish doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. Just hear me out for a minute. Putting your weight loss journey first is like putting on your oxygen mask on in the airplane before you help anyone else. If you’re overweight, in physical pain because of it, and feeling miserable, you really aren’t going to be much of a help to anyone else around you as long as you’re in that mindset. Trust me, I KNOW! Putting your weight loss journey first means planning meals, saying no, picking out the restaurant, planning time for exercise, and giving yourself grace. In order to be successful, this journey has to be your number one priority.

2. Get Organized!

In order for me to put my weight loss journey first, I have to stay organized mentally and physically. I swear I don’t remember how we survived before smart phones! Remember those days when everything was on paper at Weight Watchers? I used to have those bulky points books in my car and purse at all times!  It was so embarrassing to whip those out in the grocery store or at a restaurant. Now, with my smart phone nobody knows if I’m looking up points or sending a text!

I’ve been contemplating changing my cell phone provider because the bills are so freakin’ expensive, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to try out Walmart Family Mobile. The service is $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web, and it comes with 5GB of 3G Data.

Walmart Family Mobile In Store

I walked right into my local Wal-Mart and purchased the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit for $79.88 and a starter kit for $25. The in-store associate set everything up and it’s been working GREAT! I have put all my favorite weight loss apps on the phone including:

1. Weight Watchers – This is where I track all my food and points values.

2. Restaurants Weight Loss – I use this app to look up the points for restaurants that aren’t in the WW app.

3. Cardio Trainer  – I use this app to track all of my workouts.

Walmart Family Mobile Weight Watchers App

3. Do it NOW

Don’t wait for that “magic” moment when everything is perfect because life is never perfect. Whatever it is you want to do, go after it now, at any weight. I wrote about this in my post, Don’t Wait for the Weight where I talked about almost cancelling my trip to BlogPaws that I had planned for a year. Don’t let the weight rule your life. Live in the now, focus on your goals, and eventually you will be there!

Don't Forget to Be Awesome

Share Your Tips!

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