What is waiting for the weight costing you? Meaning, what is the real price you’re paying waiting for the weight?  When you decide to stop letting the weight dictate everything about your life, you’re raising the stakes in your life. The truth is that you’re afraid of what comes next when you raise the stakes. In this Irresistible You podcast episode, I’m sharing with you why you’re afraid to put yourself out there and what the real price you’re paying waiting for the weight.

The Price You’re Paying Waiting for the Weight

In this episode I cover:

  • What it means to show up and be seen and why that’s scary AF.
  • Maintaining a higher level of performance in order to keep the momentum going.
  • A certain level of success=more responsibility.
  • The importance of no longer letting yourself down.
  • Wasting your potential hididing behind the weight.
  • Wasting time in your life.
  • Living with regrets of what you could be.
  • Living a mediocre life vs living the life you’re capable of.
  • The cost of your happiness.

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