Recently, Khloé Kardashian was shown in an Instagram post modeling her denim brand, Good American. She got dragged for what people are calling an epic photoshop fail.

She looks gorgeous in the pic. She’s wearing a pair of blush colored jeans with a cute crop top. She is laying on what looks like a reflective/mirrored surface that reflects part of her body underneath.

People are claiming that the reflection of her body is noticeably smaller which means the other image was totally edited and slimmed down. Interestingly enough this is coming from Good American who’s motto is “Made with your body in mind.” Yikes. Not a good look for them.

This episode isn’t about Khloe or whether or not she was actually photoshopped in this image. It’s about the fact that the media does this in the first place. This perpetuates the myth of the perfect body that so many women are chasing. Only to find themselves disappointed and hating their body after each diet when they can’t obtain perfection. I also talk about how you can feel empowered by being more selective about who you follow on social media.

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