I’ve been struggling so hard this year to stay consistent and motivated with my weight loss journey. I’ll start the morning with my 5 point breakfast that I literally eat every single day. For lunch, I have my favorite chicken and strawberry salad. Then by dinner I’m tired AF and I really don’t want to stay home and cook after working from home ALL day. I’m not even getting into how the weekends totally go off the rails.

Do you feel alone-Community has the power to help heal emotional eating and body image issues. Join my free Facebook Group to start creating your irresistible life!

Living an irresistible life is not just about the weight or how you look.


For me personally, when I’m not eating right and moving my body, it spills over into other areas of my life. It affects my motivation and creativity with my work. When I don’t feel good about myself physically it’s really hard to have confidence in other areas. Plus, it stirs up anxiety and depression. Not a good look.

It’s a vicious snowball that grows if I don’t do something about it.

I realized that there’s a huge missing piece for me. Anytime I’ve had success in my weight loss journey or any area of life it’s because of a support system. When I was doing great in Weight Watchers, I was going to in-person meetings and working one on one with my coach. When I ran my first 5K and stuck to the grueling 12 weeks of training it was because I had a running partner that kept me accountable.

When we’re in struggle, ego interrupts the conversation and tells us we don’t need anyone and we can do everything all by ourselves. That might be true…to a point but as humans we actually need other humans.

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Binge eating disorder thrives on isolation. So does depression and anxiety. They want us to be all alone so that nobody else can influence our decisions.

The missing piece is community. Surrounding yourself with like minded people that totally understand the struggle. People that get you. Your people.

Quote- Collaborate with people you can learn from. Pharrell Williams

For so many years I thought I was all alone in this journey. Turns out there’s a lot of us out here. But there’s so much shame and stigma attached to emotional binge eating and body image issues. That shame causes many of us to isolate and not reach out for fear of judgment.

Community is Magical

There is a magical healing power that community can provide. Of course there’s no real magic or fairy dust (so they say)…but just knowing you’re not alone is sometimes all you need to keep moving forward.

From the first day that I came up with the name of this blog, I had a vision. I always envisioned that this would become an online community. I decided this past week that I need to take those steps to actually create a supportive and empowering community for other women.

I made the decision to launch my first private Facebook group  to bring together like minded women on the same journey where we can share our successes and challenges in a safe, judgment free zone.

You’re Invited!

The Irresistible YOUniversity lounge is a supportive online community for women that are on a journey to create an irresistible life. The discussions focus on emotional eating, body image, and personal development.

I would love for you to join! There are already some amazing conversations happening and I’ve been so inspired by the stories and vulnerability of these irresistible women.

Join here or click on the image below.

Irresistible You FB Group


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