The Irresistible You Journal is now available for purchase on Amazon! You can order it right now with two day free shipping with Amazon Prime. Not a Prime member? You can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime here.

Are you ready to stop letting the scale dictate how you feel? The Irresistible You journal will help you gain the confidence to look and feel irresistible at any weight or size.

The Irresistible You Journal is on Amazon! #irresistibleyou #confidence #bodyimage #journaling

The Irresistible You Journal is like your personal self-help BFF packed with action plans, self-reflection activities, inspiring quotes, and 90 days of journaling prompts and questions to help you:

1. Break the rules so that you no longer feel like a prisoner in your own body.

2. Build confidence so that you can accentuate the parts of your body you love and stop obsessing over the ones you don’t.

3. Feed your soul with things that make you happy so that you can stop comforting yourself with food.

4. Live in the moment so that you can enjoy life. Now. Not 50 lbs from now.

5. Get your glam on so that you can look & feel irresistible.

This journal has been created using the #IrresistibleYou framework that has helped so many women lose the emotional weight and gain the confidence to create the irresistible life they crave…and deserve.

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How can daily journaling boost my confidence and body image?

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Order your copy of The Irresistible You Journal  on Amazon! You can order it right now with two day free shipping with Amazon Prime. Not a Prime member? You can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime here.

The Irresistible You Podcast is on Amazon. Listen to this episode of the #IrresistibleYou podcast. #podcast #confidence #bodyimage

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