So many of you have had questions about what the Irresistible You program is and what I teach. In this episode, I’m sharing more insight into the program including the 5 things that BS diets don’t teach you but I do.

The 5 Things BS Diets Don't Teach You

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • The disconnect between wanting to feel empowered/confident and using fad diets as your only solution.
  • The 5 things that BS diets will NEVER teach you…but I do.
  • How to create radical self-awareness to break the rules you’ve created for yourself.
  • How to take imperfect action to build confidence in yourself.
  • How to create an unconditional loving relationship with yourself that isn’t attached to the “fat girl” identity.
  • How to sit in the discomfort of your emotions by practicing mindful acknowledgement.
  • How to take pride in your appearance and create a self care routine for the body you have now….not the body you wish you had.

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