I’m seeing a lot of posts lately in some of the “intuitive eating” and “body positive” social media groups that I follow. Let’s clear the air about the “performative” bullshit body positivity movement as it relates to intentional weight loss. There are a lot of messages out there that are downright irresponsible and stupid. 

I have ranted about this before in episode 37 – The Body Positive Movement is Bullshit + What Self Love Really Means.

Its time to do that again because these so called gurus are causing tons of confusion and are promoting some downright dangerous ideas.  I want to set the record straight that I firmly believe in not waiting for the weight but also loving yourself enough to know when physical weight loss is necessary. 

Things Discussed in This Episode

  • The posts I saw this past week where people are conflicted and feel guilty about losing weight even though they are getting diagnosed with diabetes, can’t bend over to tied their shoes, and the woman who can’t fit into her office chair . . . that was designed for a higher weight.
  • The problem I see with these groups and gurus preaching this bullshit is that they are telling people to just intuitively eat whatever they want and to not intentionally lose weight. 
  • Part of the problem with emotional eaters…especially women is the high level of denial and entitlement. “I want this food and I want it now because I DESERVE IT. I’m so special and nobody understands me and my problem with food.”
  • An emotional eater is not unlike an addict. They need structure, they need to address their bullshit, and that starts with losing the emotional weight first. 
  • There are 3 reasons when weight loss is necessary 
    • When you decide to lose weight from a place of self-love not self-hate. 
      • Even if you don’t love yourself today, you do it from a place of falling in love with who you will become.
    • When you are physically uncomfortable and limited in your ability to move and do basic things like tie your shoes. 
      • It’s not about a number – set your goals on how you want to feel. 
        • For me if I can’t tie my shoes or walk a mile or two without feeling like death, it’s a problem. That is no longer living an irresistible life for ME. 
    • Weight loss is necessary when it is going to save your life! 

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