t mobile home for the holidays

T-Mobile has put together an “Irresistible” holiday video. Hundreds of women singing “Home for the Holidays”, surprised shoppers at the Woodfield Mall outside of Chicago.

What immediately struck me about this video was that ALL types of women were part of this magical experience! T-Mobile selected 100 women with different body shapes, sizes, and ethnicities! How cool is that?

The video includes women with every body shape possible! Yet, they are ALL decked out in the same dress and heels in the famous shade of T-Mobile magenta!

I think it’s fabulous that they did not make a video with women that were all the same size. It celebrates the holidays but what it really celebrates for me, is that ALL women are irresistible and beautiful, no matter what size or shape!

Whether T-Mobile realized they did this or not, kudos to them! We think you are “Irresistible!”

Check out the video here:

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.