I was going through old pics this weekend, looking for something specific. I decided to open up some of them OLD folders. I don’t recognize or relate to that girl in those photos. There were photos of me every size but skinny but it wasn’t about the weight. It was really interesting to look back at that girl who didn’t have self awareness yet, hadn’t lost the emotional weight, and kept promising she’d get to things “someday.”

That inspired this week’s Irresistible You podcast episode. I’m teaching you how to stop zombie walking through weight loss and your life, waiting for someday.

Stop Zombie Walking Through Weight Loss

So, let’s talk about some key behaviors and mindset shifts you have to make.

1. Make a Commitment to Yourself

You don’t get to pick and choose when you’re committed to yourself. Commitment to yourself and keeping those commitments is the number one way to build confidence and trust in yourself. It’s the number one way to stop starting over on Monday. You will never feel like doing it every single day. Why are you willing to break commitments to yourself? Think about all the other stuff you HAVE to do each day..your job, your kids, your pets, your family, etc

2. Accept That You WILL Have Bad Days

When you first start your weight loss journey, you’re obsessed with doing it perfectly.  You have a clean slate and you’re terrified to mess it up. Rather than get a messy slate, you’d rather binge eat your way to Monday…how the f&ck does that make sense? Accept that not every day is easy nor should it be. You don’t arrive at some point and never have another bad day.  You have to remember your commitment to yourself and why you want this.

3. Feeling Your Emotions Sucks

Back a few episodes ago I shared how I’ve lost 60 pounds and how it’s not impressive because I didn’t do it with some crazy diet and exercise plan. I talked about how nobody wants to do it this way; by actually feeling your emotions.

4. Self Awareness

Self awareness is literally the difference between getting yourself out of a spiral and waking up one day and saying, “How did I get here again?” Self awareness is about knowing what your patterns, triggers, and thoughts are. It’s about putting your commitment before the temptations.

5. Slip Ups & Binges Are Normal

A slip up or a binge doesn’t mean your starting over on Monday. It just means you had a slip up. Move on and get over it! Learn from it, stop beating yourself up, ad stop thinking that this means you’ll never lose your weight.

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