Weight may seem like a surface level problem, but the meaning you have attached to being overweight is controlling every area of your life. In order to not be seen, you try to shrink yourself down and play small. In this episode, I’m sharing what it means to play small, how you play it small, and how to stop so that you can become Irresistible You.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What does it mean to play small in your life.
    • Physically with your posture.
    • Constantly saying sorry for taking up space. (Getting up during a show in a theatre. The sorry shuffle)
    • Stuffing your emotions down so that nobody has to worry about you or spend energy on your feelings.
    • Downplaying your accomplishments. (Who does she think she is? She can accomplish that but can’t do something as “easy” as lose weight!?)
    • Negotiating with yourself that you’ll be totally different once you lose the weight and that you deserve mediocre for now b/c i’s the price you have to pay for being fat. Telling yourself that once you lose the weight, you can do XYZ.
  • The real reason you’re afraid of transforming your life. It’s not a fear of failure. It’s the fear of success because success equates to more responsibility. You already know how to fail but do you know how to succeed and stay there?
  • Stop being afraid to take up space in the world. You deserve to take up space.
  • Losing weight is not the only accomplishment that makes you worthy of a bigger “irresistible” life.
  • How to stop playing small?
    • Show up.
    • Meet yourself where you are today.
    • Define who you want to become. Create a detailed crystal-clear vision of who the “irresistible you” is.
    • Stop apologizing for taking up space!
    • Be proud of your accomplishments and share them.
    • Stop negotiating with yourself

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