There was a time when I thought “someday” I’ll lose all the weight and my life will be perfect. I spent so much time and energy daydreaming about this fantasy. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to lose weight but what I really craved for myself was so much bigger than just weight loss. It was a feeling . . . a lifestyle . . . a bigger life where I deserved so much more. None of those things are going to show up simply because you lose weight. The life you crave will come true when you stop looking for it in “just” another diet and instead find out how to create a relationship with yourself, drop the inner fat bitch chatter, show up when things are perfect, and find your worth outside of the scale. 

So what if instead of just another diet, you could: 

  • Change the conversation with yourself and learn how to redirect all of those inner fat bitch thoughts. 
  • Show up for yourself by taking consistent imperfect action and stop quitting every single time life gets in the way. NEWSFLASH: LIFE IS ALWAYS IN THE WAY! 
  • Go from only identifying yourself as the “just” the FAT GIRL to learning how to create an unconditional loving relationship with yourself. 
  • Learning how to be in the moment with the discomfort by practicing mindful acknowledgement…not running away from all the feels. 
  • Take pride in your appearance and feel irresistible in your own skin with the body you have now . . . not the body you wish you had. 

All of this and more is exactly what I teach my clients inside of Irresistible You.

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