Today we are talking about the concept of desperate dieting and what you should be doing instead. Desperate dieting is what you do when you fall off the wagon and feel like a total failure who is never going to lose her weight. So, out of desperation and misery, you find a yo-yo fad diet that promises to get the weight off as quickly as possible by a specific date. How many times have you repeated this cycle? Desperate dieting is never going to give you the life you crave. In this episode, I’m going to share what you need to do instead of desperate dieting if you want to get the weight off for the last time and create the irresistible you version of yourself that you crave and deserve to be.

125: Stop Desperate Dieting

  • What is desperate dieting?
  • The yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle and how you will desperate diet when you mess up or don’t lose weight by a specific date.
  • Why the cycle of desperate dieting is toxic ass behavior (TAB) and is the thing keeping you miserable – not the actual weight but the process.
  • Instead of desperate dieting, these are the 6 things you should be focusing on instead if you want to lose weight for the last time and create the life you crave.
  • 1. Throw away the self-inflicted timeline for weight loss.
  • 2. Acknowledge that there is no quick fix or no magic diet. You won’t do it perfect. You don’t change a lifetime of habits bc you decide to lose weight
  • 3. Acknowledge that there is no final destination. There is no magic ending where you get to stop doing the things that got you to your goal weight.
  • 4. Consistency (focusing on the behaviors and not the goal or the weight). This is why I’m doing 6K a day in March.
  • 5. Show Up – Stop zombie eating, stop zoning out and start showing up for it for your future self when you don’t want to do it today.
  • 6. Self Care = Taking care of yourself now, buying the clothes now, getting the massage, doing the hard part of self-care.

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