Today we are going to be talking about self love as an ongoing evolution and the hypocrisy of the body positivity movement.  Here’s the deal: We aren’t meant to stay the same. Self love doesn’t mean staying the same. Self love is not this all or nothing concept. It’s actually quite the opposite. Unconditional self love is the not so glamorous stuff that magazines and influencers never talk about. The body positivity movement has gaslighted so many people into thinking they don’t need to work on their shit or that it is wrong to WANT to change your body. That is some toxic ass behavior right there and it needs to stop.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The hypocrisy of the body positivity movement and how it is toxic AF.
  • It’s the ultimate form of toxic positivity as it only wants you to love yourself and never acknowledge that there may be things that need to change.
  • That isn’t real love. That is denial and gaslighting. BP wants you to gaslight yourself into thinking everything is ok.
  • Self love and body positivity doesn’t mean staying in a body you hate or one that makes you miserable.
  • You get to decide when you want to change your body even if you didn’t want to a year ago.
  • Unconditional self love is the not so glamourous type of love that is actually required to lose your weight and create the life you crave.
  • Self love doesn’t mean adoring every single part of your body.
  • It means being able to discern between wanting something out of self-hatred vs self-love.
  • Whether it’s weight loss, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, etc it should be done b/c you are emotionally ready for the change.

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