Do you get the Winter Blues?

You know… It’s too bloody cold to go outside. You just want to snuggle up by the TV or by the fireplace and escape into your own world. Don’t forget the comfort food! After all, what is winter without comfort food?!?

This has been the most intense winter of my life. Probably the coldest! I’m in Virginia Beach and we typically have really mild winters but this has just been insane! Not to mention the rest of the country has been under blizzard warnings all season!

Enough already Old Man Winter!
I hate winter because it’s also the world’s biggest excuse to gain weight. This year, I’m guilty. I haven’t wanted to admit it to myself or my readers. Why? I’m embarrassed. I’m disappointed. I’m ashamed. At myself.

Damn near 20 lbs. of shame, misery, guilt, and disappointment.

I’m the only one responsible. I can’t blame anyone and it makes me mad as hell! I swore I would never gain weight after I got this far in the battle. I failed. Miserably.

I’m sick of feeling miserable. I’m sick of feeling disgusted in my own skin. I’m sick of not feeling good and looking great in my clothes that I worked so hard to fit into. I’ve had enough!
I got married 10-30-10. I was the happiest bride in the whole wide world. Shortly after my wedding, real life kicked me in the ass. Hard. I didn’t expect “for worse” to happen days after my dream wedding. Well, it did. The husband and I have been through a difficult time but we are stronger than ever and many happy times are here and will continue to happen. It’s been a hard few months but life is back on track.

Now, I need to get my weight back on track. I refuse to go back to the dreadful place of Medusa. I refuse!  But, if I don’t get a grip on it, I’ll be there. For those that struggle with weight, know that I get it. I totally get it 200%!!! We are not perfect. We are human and allowed an eff up every now and then. Even my counselor said, “If emotional eating is the only problem you have considering the circumstances, I’d say you are doing great.”
Not sure if I believe that 100% but she’s right. It could be worse. Weight loss is an ongoing battle. I know that for me, it’s never going to end. We all have flaws. This is mine. I created this blog to share my experiences, good and bad, about weight loss. Why? If this is my “flaw”, I want to inspire at least one person that change is possible. And through that change, mistakes can and will happen. We are on this journey together!

President’s Day 2011. I’m ready for the journey again. Are you?

Every day, I have to make conscious decisions to not gain weight and fall back into the “Medusa” lifestyle. It doesn’t stop at goal. It doesn’t stop at my dream dress size. It’s forever. Am I willing to make the commitment? Are you?



“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
~ Deepak Chopra~