Resistance is the gap between where you are versus where you wanna be. The ability to master resistance to change is the key to stop self-sabotaging your weight loss. In this episode, I’m breaking it all down. Why you’re resistant to change (even though you say you want it!), why you self-sabotage, and how to stop doing it so that you can become Irresistible You and achieve your weight loss goals.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • My weight loss update in my journey to lose 10 lbs, 10 times.
  • What is resistance? Resistance is the gap between where you are vs where you wanna be.
  • The ability to master resistance is the magic key to your success in your weight loss journey.
  • Fear of success and fear of responsibility that comes with our highest self is what most people are really afraid of.
  • It’s easier to blame our weight and circumstances instead of changing our thoughts.
  • Why do we self-sabotage?
    • There are limiting beliefs or rules you’ve created in your sub-conscious over time that you believe to be the absolute truth.
    • Limiting beliefs can create a self-fulfilling prophecy so that we can “prove” that we’re right. This gives us control to say “SEE I told you I was right!”
    • Our brain views change as a threat and it wants to protect us from it.
  • Self-sabotaging thoughts can be noticed because you speak in absolutes. (I’ll never, I can’t, That never works, I’ve tried everything, I know, etc )
  • The wet blanket analogy and why feeling miserable is comfortable even though you crave to become someone new.
  • How to stop resisting change and stop self-sabotaging.
    1. It starts with identify and reframing your thoughts. Thoughts—>Feelings—>Actions
    2. Anchor to the vision of your future self.
    3. Recommit to yourself every single day so that your future self and what you want is top of mind.
    4. Take imperfect action by asking yourself what’s my next best step?

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