Do you remember what hungry feels like? I’m talking about real, aching, physical hunger pains. How you feel when you’re hungry?

♥ Cranky?

♥ Headache?

♥ Shaky?

♥ Burning stomach?

♥ Powerless?

If you’re an emotional eater like myself, you probably don’t experience real hunger that often. You never allow your body to get to that point. If and when it does, I personally become powerless over my choices. That’s when I might be tempted to binge on icing!

Nom, Nom, Nom…Icing is my weakness!!! What’s yours?
On the other extreme, to feel full is just as miserable. After over indulging, you might feel:
♥ Regretful?
♥ Miserable?

♥ Exhausted and Drained?

♥ Stomach pains?

Our bodies actually give us signals of hunger and fullness but somewhere along the path of life, we’ve chosen to ignore them. Why don’t we ever stop at satisfied?

Think about an infant trying to eat. The baby instinctively knows to stop eating when they are full. You can’t make them overeat. They would push the bottle away. So, where do we learn to overeat or eat when we aren’t hungry?

It’s a learned behavior. For some a coping mechanism. Food=comfort. A lot of kids grow up with parents/grandparents that equated food to love. Everything is celebrated and commiserated with food. That is probably the hardest habit in the world to break. We become food addicts and guess what? We can’t survive without food!!!

Think about this. When do YOU eat? Are you conscious of this? Or are you eating mindlessly?

We talked a great deal about this in my Weight Watchers meeting last week. I’m taking greater steps to notice when and why I’m eating. I recognize that journaling is something I can never stop doing. It really keeps me accountable to my actions.

On a celebratory note, I lost 2.6 lbs and can’t wait to keep on the right track! Boo Yow!!!

Tell me. When do you eat and when do you know to stop?

“Every day you sit back and wait for something to happen is another day lost.”
~Jennifer Flavin~