Today is an open conversation from the heart about racism as it relates to empowerment and self-love. I know I’m not going to say all the right things but I can’t stay silent either. We can’t have empowerment until we have racial equality. This is just the start of the conversation. We have to get uncomfortable and out of our own fragile denial and start talking even though it won’t be perfect.

Racism, Empowerment, & Self-Love, & What You Can Do

I struggled with whether or not I should even bring this up on my podcast. I didn’t want to offend or say the wrong thing. The truth is I’m going to say a lot of wrong things and I’m going to offend people. What is worse? Staying silent and NOT using the online platform I have. I feel a deep responsibility to speak out against injustices and I’m committed to doing so even especially when it feels messy…because it is.

I’m not qualified to give the answers or the how-to on ending police brutality and racism. Those are huge issues that are going to require each and every person to step up including the establishment along with policy changes. To think about that as one person is overwhelming and paralyzing. I think that’s why so many don’t speak up. They don’t know what to say and they feel like their voice is a drop in the ocean .

Here’s what I know for sure. If you add up all the billions of water droplets, you can create an ocean.

I don’t know how we change all of those things and quite frankly I’m not qualified to speak on that. What I am qualified to talk about is empowerment, confidence, and self-love. That’s what I’ve built my brand and my platform on. It’s what I’ve dedicated my entire life to doing.

How can we all become “Irresistible” empowered women if other women and men are hurting from a system that we have benefited from?

We ALL have a responsibility to affect change in our own way.

In the podcast, I talked about some of the small things you can do as an individual.

  • Question your own thoughts and biases as they come up. Lean into the denial, resentment, resistance, and question WHY you think the way you think without judgement.
  • Get curious AF about your thoughts, privilege, and about the stories from black people without jumping into your own biases.
  • Think about how you can help or contribute to the conventioneer without making it all about you and your own fragility.
  • Commit to doing the work to acquire an abundance of self-love, self-worth, and radical self-awareness. I truly believe the antidote to racism is abundant self-love and self-worth. You can’t have either until you gain radical self-awareness and you gain awareness by getting curious, questioning your thoughts, and redirecting/changing your rules/thoughts about race and yourself.
  • Become a teacher and influencer of self-love to your kids – whether you’re a parent or have influence over kids – such as a teacher/educator/counselor/etc.
  • We have to have conversations with our kids about racism. This goes deeper than what we say….it’s about the actions we take and how WE show up and talk about other races too.
  • We also have to have conversations with our kids to empower them to love themselves and others. Teach them confidence and that failing is ok, as long as we learn from each failure.


I know I probably said things that aren’t perfect. I’m willing to get messy and have these conversations because Black Lives Matter and we can’t stay silent any longer. In the podcast, I promised a list of resources which I’ve linked below. Please leave a comment if you have or know of a resource that will benefit the conversation here.

I welcome your thoughts and constructive feedback. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on social media on Instagram and my Irresistible You Facebook Group.

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