It’s true. I told you. I even warned you. I am addicted to icing. This time I’m referring to the sugary kind.
I went shopping to look at wedding invitations and there it was. A can of Wilton icing. Just sitting there all by itself on the shelf. 
Here I was this morning just blogging about change. I caved. I bought the damn thing. See, I’m far from perfect. We all go through these ridiculous moments of shame <hangs head low>.
I didn’t have a spoon. I sure as shit wasn’t about to take it home. So, yup. My heffa ass ate it with my bare finger while driving. Go ahead, laugh it up! It is funny. I must admit. LOL.
Cup holder? No, but there icing holders in my truck.

I seriously almost got hit by a car because I was in Icing Euphoria.

Seriously, could you imagine the accident scene if that would have happened? What would the cops think seeing a can of icing in my cup holder and the evidence on my fingers. <SMH>

Then, I stopped. I realized this icing takes like dirt. Seriously, it’s horrible. Just like that I stopped. I got home, busted out the Lysol and killed that evil little troll right in it’s tracks.

Ahh, victory over the icing.

Well, almost.

“Temptation is an irresistible force at work on a movable body.”