Pregnancy weight gain is a hot topic and I’m going to share my tips on how to embrace your body through these changes.  It is something that all women worry about. We just need to have a real conversation around it. So as of this post, I am exactly 23 weeks pregnant. I am pregnant with my second child and if you haven’t seen my Instagram, I’m having a boy!

I am over halfway through my pregnancy and I’m almost out of the second trimester. I want to talk about weight gain and the things we go through emotionally, mentally, and physically when we’re plus size and pregnant.

Plus Size Pregnancy Series_ Dealing with Pregnancy Weight Gain

In my first pregnancy with my daughter, I started my pregnancy right under 200 pounds. I ended up gaining about 70 pounds. Yeah. I’m going to be very real with you that seeing the scale go up every single week wasn’t easy. Fortunately, I came into pregnancy already on the journey where I’ve learned how to drop the emotional weight and know how to love myself regardless of what the scale says.

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I’m never going to be your “textbook” pregnancy where I only gain the recommended 25 lbs.  I was eating healthy. I was active. I was walking just about every single day. I was kayaking at six months pregnant.  I was taking care of myself. My body is just the type of body that is going to gain weight. It’s funny because my OB NEVER once aid anything about my weight nor was it ever a health issue.

I brought it up a couple of times because I felt like I had to.

I thought I was gaining weight at an alarming amount. They say in the first trimester that you’re only supposed to gain a couple pound. Shoot, some women  actually lose weight during their first trimester!

And I’m like, how are you losing weight? I immediately put on 10 pounds pretty much the first couple weeks because I naturally retain a ton of water. When I’m not pregnant, I actually take a prescription diuretic because I retain so much water.  I’m telling you within the first couple weeks, I snapped my fingers and BAM 10 lbs already.

At 6 months along, my wedding ring doesn’t fit and I can already feel my flip-flops fitting kind of snug on my feet.

I was the exact same way when I I was pregnant with my daughter. All of it is temporary but that doesn’t necessarily make any easier to accept.

If you haven’t done the work on yourself, to approach this from a place of self love and self worth, it can be really challenging to see these body changes and embrace them. Even though I did (and still do) the work, it’s not easy to see the body changes and the scale going up every single week.

I just have to tell myself, that I’m doing everything I can to take care of myself and my baby. I just happen to have the body type that is prone to Edema (swelling) and my body puts weight on so easily when I’m pregnant. I’m not your textbook pregnancy and I never will be.

It hasn’t caused any complications so far and knock on wood that the rest of this pregnancy continues to be healthy.

Even with my weight and my “advanced maternal age” of 39, I’m not categorized as high risk.  I stayed low risk with my daughter also. So, you know, it’s it’s all how you handle things emotionally and mentally. What I really know for sure is that you don’t want these 9 months to go by and you spend the time feeling miserable, beating yourself up, and hiding yourself in the house.

At this rate, I’m probably going to gain another 70 pounds and it’s okay because this isn’t permanent.

You have to look at the weight gain as a temporary problem. If this is what it takes for me to have a healthy happy child, baby, then I would do it all over again. Right?

I have the rest of my life to get the weight off my body. What matters to me is how I’m feeling emotionally. It’s so hard to fall into a dark place with pregnancy thanks to hormones and all these changes coming at you at once time. Plus, I’m navigating this one during a global pandemic and that’s a whole other story!

If you are really struggling with depression, please reach out to your OB. Depression is one of the most common complications of pregnancy. There’s nothing to be ashamed of!

I’m going to share some tips with you to help you embrace the body changes and pregnancy weight gain.

Plus Size Pregnancy Weight Gain

1. Take Pictures!

Please take pictures of yourself and not just your face. Take pics of your entire body…especially the bump. You may not love what you see in the mirror but trust me, you will appreciate those pics when you have the baby.  So even on the days where you feel fat and ugly, please take the damn pictures anyways. Please take the pictures.


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Your child will want to see those pictures one day. My daughter loves seeing maternity pics of her inside my belly.  It’s also teaching your child to love their body as well. If you don’t have pictures and like, Well what happened, mom? You know, what are you going to tell them? I didn’t like my body because you were in there like, you know you’re you’re also teaching your child your unborn child how to embrace and love their own body and that starts in your pregnancy. Okay?

2. Embrace the Bump!

I have always hated my stomach. My stomach is my number one problem area in my opinion. I have always had a bad or had a bad relationship with my stomach to where I didn’t want to look at it. I didn’t want to touch it. I didn’t want anything to do with it. But yet here it is on my body, right?

Pregnancy changed that for me. Pregnancy got me to a place where I had a better relationship with my belly because it’s kind of the center of attention right now.

3. Wear the Cute Maternity Clothes

How you dress and show up for yourself influences your mood…a lot. Please invest in some cute maternity clothes that make you feel irresistible. There are so many fun options these days.

It’s going to boost your confidence and make you feel feminine. it’s going to make you feel like a woman. If you’re worried about the size, no one else sees the size of the clothes but you. So, do like Elsa and just let it go!

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4. Own Your Body with ZERO Apologies!

Own your damn body and stop apologizing for it. Your body was strong and healthy enough to get pregnant. It’s more than enough to carry this baby. So are you going to gain weight? Yeah. Are you going to get stretch marks? I don’t know, maybe? But stop apologizing to other people, to yourself, and to your doctor. So you have to own those changes on your body and stop freakin’ apologizing for it.

5. Schedule a Maternity Photo Shoot

Please schedule a maternity photo shoot with a professional photographer.

At the very end of my last pregnancy, I didn’t feel like going at ALL.  I was feeling gross, swollen, and miserable.  My house also flooded 2 days before our scheduled photo shoot thank to Hurricane Matthew. I was not in the right head space but I did them anyways.

I love those pictures and my daughter loves looking at them with us.They are priceless.

Lastly, please just embrace your pregnancy through all the good and bad.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the weight gain and body changes, just remember that this is temporary. It’s one small blip on the timeline of your life.  I understand you, I know what you’re going through.

This sounds so cheesy and cliche, but every ache, pain, pound,  stretch mark, and  C section scar is worth it. Embrace it. Take good care of yourself, drink your water, monitor your mental health, and follow the tips I’ve shared here with you.

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