Did you catch Oprah’s Super Soul podcast when she interviewed Amy Schumer? It was powerful because Amy talked about pregnancy and her decision to have a c section and not breastfeed.

…and how other women love to judge our decisions with what we do with OUR bodies and OUR babies. 


Finally we’re in a place where we can talk about this stuff.

I had an elective c-section and I hated breastfeeding. 

I knew for a long time that I didn’t want a vaginal delivery. My doctor was amazing because she supported me when she realized how confident I was in my decision and how I spoke about it with conviction. 

Own the Decisions You Make For Your Body!

I’m the Google queen…I did my research 😉 I KNEW what my body wanted. 

People always look at me with this empathetic face when I say I had a c-section. 

When I say it was MY decision, they look at me like I’m insane. 

Then, there’s the judgmental AF baby forums that look down on women who have elective c-sections. 

Here’s what it comes down to, ladies. 

I know what I’m willing and not willing to do and what my body needs. That empowered me to make these decisions that worked for ME. 

I’m also not phased by other people’s opinions of MY body and MY life, so I don’t get hung up in a bunch of self-inflicted guilt. Why would I want to waste time and energy on that? 

These decisions helped me NOT go into postpartum depression or wish the pregnancy, the birth, and the first year away like I see so many women doing. 

I know my body. I’m RADICALLY self-aware. I’ve put the work in to get here to this place where IDGAF what you think about the choices I make. 

When you feel self-conscious and paranoid about your weight, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. You don’t think you deserve to speak with conviction…especially when your body is the center of attention like it is during those 9 months.

You have to be your #1 advocate and stand up for what you need. If you lack self-awareness and a relationship with yourself, then it’s impossible to know what to ask for because you don’t even know yourself. 

You deserve to take ownership of your decisions and to stop giving a fuck what anyone else thinks about them. 

But I get that when you’re starting from zero and feel uncomfortable AF in your body, jumping to radically self-aware and sticking your middle finger up at those haters is TOUGH! 

So look, in this week’s podcast, I’m sharing more of my pregnancy story and  ONE THING you can do today to take back the control society has snatched from you over YOUR decisions and YOUR body. 

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