I have a lot to say about this video that is making its way across the internet. Unless you live under a rock, you probably have seen it or heard about it. This is my open response to this situation and message to bullies everywhere.

A message to bullies everywhere by Irresistible Icing

If you have no idea what I’m talking about here’s some background info.

Jennifer Livingston, a news anchor working at Wisconsin’s WKBT News 8 This Morning, responded on the air to a viewer who e-mailed the station expressing some concern over her weight. Livingston scolded the viewer, telling them that she knows she is overweight, and used the opportunity to talk about anonymous bullying on the internet.

Watch the video first before you read my response. It will make more sense that way.


Done? Ok good, Here goes. I couldn’t let this one go without giving my two cents. After all, this blog is about my struggle with weight and body image. I thought it was only fitting that I respond.

This boils my blood!!! Not Jennifer’s response but the email this “anonymous” man sent her.

Let me say something . . . calling out someone’s weight like that is inappropriate, rude, classless, and downright cruel. If you carry around extra weight you don’t need some asshole pointing it out. I’m pretty sure every single morning when I see myself in the mirror I’m well aware of the issue.

I was bullied all my life in school. From elementary to high school. These dumb ass kids tormented me about my weight. I’m 31 years old and I can remember their faces, their names, and exactly the things they said. I can’t even remember some of my teachers from back then . . .but the bullying? Yea, I didn’t forget it.

I no longer let them get to me. I could care less about those kids. I’ve moved on. I value myself and love myself. Do I still want to lose weight? Yes. But not for them. Not for my “community responsibility ” For me. For my health. My happiness. My well being.

Oh and I’ve seen some of those losers since…and wow what losers they really turned out to be in life.

This country continues to think that it’s ok to bully people about their size. Shoot, it goes beyond bullying. It’s plain old discrimination. What’s so different from being a racist chauvinistic pig?

Think about it…..


Yes, being overweight comes with health problems for some. It’s not healthy. I know that. BUT, sometimes there’s a lot more behind the fat than just some selfish fat ass that just likes to eat cupcakes. There’s a human being in there. Someone with feelings. Emotions. Dreams. Goals.

Some of us turned to food to deal with emotional issues or trauma. Did you ever think about that? Some people are truly addicted to overeating just like an alcoholic is addicted to booze. Some people truly have a medical disorder such PCOS or thyroid issues that prevent them from being thin.

Educate yourselves!

How dare ANYONE say such hurtful words! How dare ANYONE judge another!

I commend Jennifer Livingston for taking a stand against this coward. For standing up for herself. Not only is it for herself, it’s for everyone battling this “disease”. It’s for every single kid that’s terrified to get on the school bus in the morning because some pathetic losers hate themselves and use them as punching bags. It’s because these pathetic losers have parents that have shown them it’s ok to make fun of others. That it’s ok to feel superior because someone looks different. Maybe these parents should spend a little less time bleeding their bad habits and lack of morals on to their children and more time hugging them and teaching them to accept everyone.

I woke up today tired and not ready to have a “healthy” day of tracking, measuring, and working out. BUT, after watching this and writing this blog I am ready for a good day. I’m ready to keep battling my weight. I’m ready to become the person I know I ‘m meant to be.

Are you ready? Or are you ready to keep putting others down to cover up your own insecurities?

You have a choice and I hope you pick the right one.

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