This is not my usual post about body image, fashion, or some random glittery object. Instead, it’s on a more serious note. C word serious.

Turning 30 in 2011 was a BIG deal for me. I dreaded it. I hated it. I am still learning to accept the 30’s. But, I have to be grateful that I had the opportunity to have another birthday. I’m lucky. Blessed. I wish more people could have more birthdays.

How could I be so foolish when my prayers every day are that my family and friends get another birthday and another year of good health?

That’s what the American Cancer Society’s campaign is all about, More Birthdays. Check out the video:

As you read this, say a little prayer for all those living with cancer that they too get another birthday.

Bring it on, 31!

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society