Are you making or breaking momentum in your weight loss journey? In this episode of the Irresistible You Podcast, we are going to define what momentum means to your weight loss journey, why it’s critical, how it can also sabotage your weight loss, and what you need to start doing right now.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

What is Momentum?

  • Momentum is easily defined as “mass in motion.” It is also (according to Webster) strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. 
  • The bottom line? You need momentum in order to lose your weight and become Irresistible You.
  • If you’re stuck in survival mode, doing what you’ve always done, and running through the yo-yo diet/body image hate cycle, you aren’t building momentum. You’re running in place.

Why is Momentum Critical to Weight Loss?

  • Let’s describe what momentum looks like when you’re losing weight.
  • You build an unbreakable boundary between what you want and temptation. Nothing can take you off your path.
  • Success breeds more success.
  • You need that initial momentum to start and to keep going.
  • Then, something happens. You allow it to stop your momentum .
  • Momentum builds confidence. It proves that you can keep the promises you make to yourself.

How Momentum Sabotages Your Weight Loss

  • Why you can’t take your foot off the gas when you DO achieve momentum. (stop measuring, tracking, feeding your soul)
  • Momentum feels so foreign to you that you want to reward yourself for losing weight. You slowly stop measuring, tracking, and sticking to your goals.
  • You’ve got to change the inner fat bitch narrative that “I’ll never lose all my weight anyways.”

How to Build Momentum

  • You need an anchor. A sense of purpose. A vision that is so powerful and in your face constantly. What is your why?
  • Action alleviates anxiety and action creates momentum. What is your next best step right now? Not on Monday. Not on the first. Today. In this moment.
    • You’re afraid of taking the first step because it feels daunting. It doesn’t feel worth it. What is 10 minutes really going to do? It’s better than the 0 minutes you’re putting it now. You have to rip the wet blanket off and take the next best step to create action/momentum.
    • If I consistently make good choices, don’t beat myself up, and do what I say I’m going to do, I’ll see results. Your results will be a sum total of your effort.
  • Set goals that you can measure yourself against.
    • So many of you are scared to write goals because you might fail. Instead you do absolutely nothing, creating NO momentum in your journey, and then beat yourself up for gaining weight. It’s better to set a goal and achieve part of it so that you can reassess and know where you need to make changes.
  • Create a list of the top 3.
    • What are the top 3 things I need to accomplish today to reach my weight loss goals?
  • Have a morning magic session before you start your day to set the intentions and get inspired for how you want your day to go.

Your Homework

  1. Make a list of all the ways you are breaking your momentum. Next to it, create a list of how you will make momentum. Take a pic and share it in the discussion thread in the free Irresistible you Podcast Discussion group.

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