Is it really worth it? It’s just one breakfast sandwich.

But that’s just it. It’s not just one sandwich.

I promised myself that with the start of a new month, I’d start with a clean slate (as if I’ve never done that before lol). But then first thing this morning the last thing that I wanted was my typical “clean” Egg Beater omelet. It’s safe to say I’m OVER it! I literally thought I would puke if I made it again today.

Don’t you hate when you’re starving but NOTHING sounds good!!!!?!

That was me this morning.

In an instance I was ready to through it all away again on a Chik-fil-A biscuit.

BUT I stopped and actually thought about it. I mean I reallyyyyyyyy thought about  how that would set the tone for my ENTIRE day and even the entire month. Here I am wanting to start the month off right and already caving in to ED’s demands.

It doesn’t help that it’s that time in the week where my kitchen is half stocked and I need to go to the store so it’s so much easier to just say I’ll go pick something up! NO!!!

So instead I went to the grocery store and bought some of those Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwiches. So I satisfied my store bought breakfast sandwich craving without going overboard on points or without feeling guilty plus I went ahead and bought everything I needed to make my famous summer salad for later. Mission accomplished!

It hit me that it’s freakin’ August already! At some point if you don’t decide to made a conscious decision, the madness will never stop. It just won’t. Will today be that day for you?

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”
~Tony Robbins~