We all get one body to live our one life in. Your body will go through different versions throughout your lifetime. You’ll never feel enough if you base all of your self-worth and happiness on a number on the scale, a size in your jeans, or how you look in the mirror.  Only loving yourself when your body is thin is not self-love. You gotta love all the versions of YOU NOW.

Loving Different Versions of the Same Body

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Your body weight will fluctuate throughout your lifetime. Look how much it changes in a month due to water retention, bloating, your cycle, etc.
  • Even if you always weigh the same, your body ages and changes.
  • Your body will age and your muscle tone will change. Your skin and hair texture will change with age.
  • If you get pregnant, your body is going to change.
  • You can’t only love yourself when you look a certain way because your body is going to go through different versions of itself.
  • If you keep holding yourself to an unrealistic standard basing all your self-worth on your weight, then you’ll never be at peace or happy.
  • You spend more time with yourself than anyone else on the planet. do you really wanna hang out with someone you don’t like?

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Loving Different Versions of the Same Body

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