Just when I got back in the swing of things, I got knocked down with the worst cold I’ve ever had. Just last week, I was waking up early and working out every morning, eating clean, and tracking all my food.  This week? I can barely get out of bed and my head feels like I’m in a fog . . . BUT, I refuse to let that stop me from tackling my weight loss goals! Take that sickness!

How To Lose Weight When You're Sick by IrresistibleIcing.com

How Do You Stay on Track When You’re Sick?

You can still stay on track with your weight loss goals even when you’re sick. It shouldn’t be an excuse to throw all of your hard work out the window. Here are five tips that help me.

1. Do What You Can

Listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to activity. You may not be able to go as hard at the gym when you’re sick because your body is using up your energy to fight off the infection. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. Well, unless you have the flu then I suggest you just stay in bed and get well! I’m talking about working out when you have a severe cold or allergies. It’s a double edged sword because exercise will make you feel better but if you don’t have the energy, you can’t work out. I suggest doing a light walk and see how you feel from there. The key is to do what you can and not to push yourself too hard when you’re sick. Yoga is another great workout when you’re sick.

2. Eat Clean and Healthy

I know when I’m sick the last thing I want to do is prepare all of my meals. However, it’s important to stick with healthy/clean foods so that your body gets enough energy to heal. I suggest eating fresh fruit and vegetables to help fight off infection. I love making a healthy green smoothie when I’m not feeling well or even when I feel great! The power of healing foods is real y’all! Certain fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immune system. If you don’t like eating them, try blending them into a smoothie!

3. Drink Your Points!

I hate drinking my points away. If I’m going to use points, then it better be on food! But when you’re sick you may not be able to stomach certain foods. It’s important to get in a lot of liquids when you have a cold to help flush it out of your body. Drink a lot of water and juice to help with this. I drink light Apple Juice or Trop 50 so I don’t over do it with points. Eating soup is another way to stay full and get liquids in. Progressive and Campbell’s have a lot of of healthy, low point options!

Healthy Balance is my favorite Apple Juice! An 8 ounce glass is zero points!

Healthy Balance Apple Juice

4. If You Bite It, Write It / If You Drink It, Ink It

Being sick isn’t an excuse not to journal everything you eat or drink. Continue to update your points tracker so that you can stay within your daily points range.

5. Get Enough Rest

Rest is crucial to healing your body! If you’re fatigued and you’re in a place where you can rest, then get some rest! The more rest you can get the quicker your body can recover and get back to those hare core workouts!

I’m off to the store to get ingredients to make chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Hopefully this cold is on its way out soon! What helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals when you’re sick?