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Happy New Year! How is 2013 treating you so far?

My husband and I spent the beginning of the year on a road trip out west! It was a blast and truly an adventure! We went out there for a dear friend’s wedding but decided to extend our trip and make a vacation out of it.

We had a bucket list of things we wanted to . . .

  • Visit the Pawn Stars Shop in Vegas
  • See Coco perform in Peep Show in Vegas
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • See a Cactus in person (I’m from the east coast lol)
  • See a Coyote or at least hear one lol
  • Go horse back riding
  • Visit the San Diego Zoo
  • Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

Did we do them all?


I couldn’t possibly share ALL of my pics but here’s some highlights of our trip!

Southwest Vacation Highlights

It was a jammed packed, adventure filled, exciting week!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful with the desert as the backdrop. It doesn’t get any better than that!

So, on our last day we decided to do the hot air balloon ride with SkySurfer Balloon Company in San Diego, CA. Well, talk about ending our trip with a BANG! Did you see that hot air balloon crash with the wedding party earlier this week? Yup, my friends, we were on there! We had nothing to do with the wedding though . . . even though the news made it sound that way. Although they were all really nice people! I can just say that it was the most terrifying experience of my life!!! The minute we hit the ground (hard) and flipped over, I knew we were in trouble. I couldn’t see where we were going but I knew we were on the top of a sloping mountain. We kept getting pulled up and dropped 3 or 4 times. Each time scarier than the last. My husband was hanging on to me so that I wouldn’t fall out and just kept telling me that we were going to be ok. I don’t remember that though because I blacked out. He’s is so calm in these types of situations. Thank God for him. I was a mess.

These are some pics that he took after we crash landed. As you can see we busted through that chain link fence and the balloon landed on the home.

Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing San Diego

Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing San Diego

As I sit here typing today, I have shooting pains in my back and I still have bruising on my legs. Not to mention, I replay it every single time I close my eyes. I’m just thankful we weren’t killed or seriously injured. I honestly don’t know how any of us walked away from that. God was looking out for us for sure.

Apparently this isn’t a big deal according to SkySurfer as stated in this news article, “On Tuesday, the owner of Skysurfer Balloon Company called the incident a “windy landing” and said it happens all of the time.”

A “windy landing”?????? Are you freaking kidding me? This was more than a windy landing!!!! If this kind of thing happens all the time then why don’t you mention it on your website! It’s a little misleading when the website states, “Skysurfer has a perfect safety record.  During the entire history of the company, we have had no crashes, no accidents and no injuries.  Your safety is our number one priority.”

It makes me wonder how many other people this has happened to since they seem to think this isn’t a big deal and claim to have a perfect safety record! I guess it is perfect to them if this was considered a “windy landing.” What a fucking joke. Well, to those of us who never go in hot air balloons it’s a HUGE deal. It’s traumatic.

To Add Insult to Injury

I wanted to share some of my frustration with the experience since this is MY blog after all. Shortly after the accident, I found a photo of it on Instagram posted by one of their ground crew members. He posted this comment with the picture:

“Shout out to the passengers thanks for the $10 tip you cheap fuckerz”

He also used the hash tag “BUI” on a friends pic of the crash as in Ballooning Under the Influence. Don’t worry, I got a screen shot because the coward deleted his IG hours after I replied!

Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing San Diego

Nice. Real Nice. How professional, caring, kind, and heart felt of him. I’m still in shock over this. Unbelievable that they care more about money than about the wellbeing of their customers! They could have killed us all and they are worried about tips!!!

I will say this: my husband and I are far from cheap. Paying $350 to go in a romantic hot air balloon ride is not exactly cheap. AND, we specifically stopped on the way to get cash to tip the crew afterwards. Last time I checked you EARN your tips by providing remarkable customer service. Crashing into a chain link fence and a home is not exactly my idea of great service. I didn’t foresee my last day of vacation ending in terror. I also didn’t foresee starting off my new year with back pain thanks to something that should have been relaxing!

For all you smart asses out there, I know this kind of thing comes with risks. DUH! Hello!!! I signed the waiver. I get that. I’m not one that ever takes risks. I hate taking risks like this. That’s exactly the reason I did it. I’m always playing it safe and I know I can be boring. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and the one time I did . .. BOOM.

Also, for all you “just be glad you’re alive” people…no shit. I’m EXTREMELY thankful. You actually have no idea how much. See after the shock wore off, the anger set in. The anger at the company for not giving a flying fuck about us. For posting such greedy and heartless comments about us when the shock hadn’t even worn off and the aches and pains hadn’t even had time to set in! The anger at not even receiving a simple apology, an explanation, nada!

I am sharing this because my loyal readers deserve to know the truth about my experience. I’ve always been honest with you and I don’t want to withhold something like this. The news really pissed me off. All they cared about was the sensationalism of the story because a couple got married up there. They twisted and turned the details just to make headlines. They didn’t care about us either.

I’ve contacted many news stations several times to expose the bullshit way the company treated us and they just ignored me. So, I do what I know how to do best and get the word out there by blogging. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your loyalty to Irresistible Icing!

Best wishes for an Irresistible 2013!

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