If you’ve ever tried to punish yourself by waiting for the weight to buy clothes that fit your body, this episode is for you. Does this sound familiar? You’re afraid that if you size up, you are throwing in the towel and giving up on your weight loss dreams. It’s time to crush the guilt and shame about a number in the back of your pants that nobody can see.  I’m going to share how to get over your fears because you deserve to wear clothes that fit and flatter your body now, not 50 pounds from now. If you are ready to gain more confidence and trust in yourself, keep listening!

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • So many women will suffer by wearing clothes that don’t fit their body because they are waiting on the weight.
  • Most women don’t want to size up their clothes because it feels like defeat or you think you won’t feel motivated to lose the weight.
  • Not having clothes that fit your body now actually feels defeating and shatters your confidence.
  • I recently purchased a pair of size 18 jeans postpartum because my pre-pregnancy (size 14) jeans still don’t fit and my maternity jeans are falling off my body.
  • Here are the five ways to just go out and buy the clothes that fit you now.
    1. Meet yourself where you are. The suffering comes from all the inner fat bitch talk that you tell yourself about where you should be right now. (If I would’ve started that diet 6 months ago, etc…but you didn’t.) Get out of denial and meet yourself where you are today.
    2. Change your Inner Fat Bitch thoughts about a number that nobody can see but you. It’s just a number. That’s it. Stop making it mean you are  a worthless piece of shit.
    3. Buy the clothes! Focus on how good you feel vs shaming yourself for having to buy “that” size.
    4. Acknowledge that this doesn’t have to be a permanent stop in your journey. Buying the bigger size doesn’t mean you are surrendering to ever losing the weight. We gotta stop this thinking that we are supposed to be suffering our way down the scale. You have to retrain your brain that you deserve to be treated like a queen, no matter what the scale says. Weight loss is not a prerequisite for self love and self worth. You don’t deserve to beat yourself up.
    5. Get your glam on! Rock them clothes like the glam goddess that you are! When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good.

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