Tomorrow is July 4th and I’m over due for my nails to be filled-in. I’m headed to the nail shop tonight after work. I want to get something festive and patriotic. I thought I’d share some July 4th nail art pics with you for some inspiration!

What is your favorite?

July 4th Nails

{Image via Pink, you Rock}

July 4th Nails_10

{Image via Nailside}

July 4th Nails _2

{Image via Nail Art by Amy Blair}

July 4th Nails_3

July 4th Nails_4

July 4th Nails_5

{Image via Sarah Payne, Sarah’s Nail Studio}

July 4th Nails_6

{Image via Style Caster}

July 4th Nails_7

{Image via CaptainSaku}

July 4th Nails_8

{Image via Nail Art Gallery}

July 4th Nails_9

July 4th Nails_9.jpg10

{Image via Holy Manicures}

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”
~Dorothy Parker~


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