The times I’ve succeeded at weight loss, something triggered intense motivation and determination from within. You have to get that “something” to trigger before you can move full steam ahead. Even though you want it, you mentally have to be so freakin’ ready, you could wave a cart of cupcakes in front of you and it wouldn’t matter!
I continue to yo-yo up and down on the scale. I’m done. I’m sick of FEELING the way I do.
For almost a year, I’ve been trying to catch that band wagon. I get on and then I fall off and hit my head.
Even though, I felt bad, looked bad, and wanted to lose weight, I couldn’t get focused for long enough. For what ever reason.
I kept making myself feel guilty for gaining the weight back that I fought so hard to lose last year. Well, that isn’t doing me any good, is it?
I’ve had enough.
It took a picture.

One picture from this weekend at a friends wedding. I finally saw what I’ve done to myself.

I’m horrified. Embarrassed. Disgusted.
But, most of all I’m motivated to change once and for all. For good.
There is no turning back.
“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ~Lou Holtz~