Getting engaged is so exciting! Let’s face it; this is the most exciting time in your life. From the minute you announce your engagement everybody wants to know . . .

    • What are your colors. OMG girl, what is your theme?
    • Am I gonna be a Brides Maid? I mean, you were in MY wedding.
    • Where’s the wedding? I hope I don’t have to fly out there.
    • What style dress do you want? You know you can’t wear strapless!
    • What is the date? You know my son is due in September so that is OFF limits!
    • What color linens? I know this lady that rents them really cheap!
    • Letterpress, calligraphy, or printed invitations?


    Chances are you haven’t even had 2 seconds to enjoy your new relationship status and you’re too busy admiring the new bling to even care about all of those questions right now!

    However, the truth is, eventually you will need to answer all of them.

    Yes, my dear. All of them and then some.

    Deep breath. Very, deep breath.

    In my wedding adventure, I have often wondered how brides of decades past got married without the Internet. There are an abundance of resources out there. Actually, it can work against you and be overwhelming because it’s hard to pick what to use.
    In this week’s post I want to highlight a few of the treasures I’ve found. I hope you find these useful and it helps ease the pressure!

    Free Hummingbird Monogram from Wedding Chicks. Print your own invitations and more!

    Remember, enjoy this time. It will not come again. (at least it shouldn’t! lol!) When it’s all said and done, you might just miss it. Even just a bit. Take pictures of different events you do along the way, write things down, and you can use that to create a journal/scrapbook of the journey to the Big Day!

    Irresistible Wedding Resources

    Wedding Chicks – Not only is this a fabulous wedding blog, there is a page full of freebies and templates. You can create monograms, Save the Dates, logos, and more. On top of it, there just so darn cute and trendy!
    iDIY – A wedding blog for the Do It Yourself Bride. Lots of tips, tutorials, and freebies!
    Templates Galore – I came across this site recently and there are TONS of free templates such as coloring books, programs, guest lists, and more.
    Pugly Pixel – A gorgeous blog and you can find free clip art and graphics just like some of the ones I’ve used on this post. Get creative and you could use these for a variety of bridal goodies! Including your wedding website!
    These are a few of my favorites!


    Para Ti Novia – Since we are having a mixed cultural wedding, I simply adore this site! It’s bilingual, has lots of great advice for Latino weddings, and the pictures are incredible. Muy Bueno!

    Project Wedding – Fabulous Advice, forums, pics, inspiration. It’s easy to navigate and you get emails daily (if you wish). I love it. Much better than “The Knot.”

    Para Ti Novia includes wedding planning info for Hispanic-American weddings. The “Arras” ceremony is a key element for a Latin Bride & Groom.

    Good luck in all your planning. There are tons of resources out there to help smooth the process. Use them to your advantage.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and I might just feature you and your questions in an upcoming Irresistible Wedding post!

    “When you meet someone who can cook and do housework–don’t hesitate a minute–marry him.”