The Kardashian’s now have a pre-paid debit KARD? Really? It’s not so fabulous with all the fees they included. FAIL!

The worst feature of this card is probably that it glorifies glam at any expense simply because of the Kardashian name. Beyond that, though, there is the high cost to get started, $59.95 (this includes fees for the first six months); the $7.95 monthly fee; and the $2 per item charge when paying bills. You’ll also get dinged up to $2.50 for every ATM withdrawal and $1.50 for every call to the service center.

♥  Woman gets fired because her breasts are too big. This just outrages me!

Kim Kardashian, INC. You must admit, those Kardashian girls got the branding thing down. We could all learn a lesson or 2 from them.

“I really do believe I am a brand for my fans,” she said.

Crystal Renn accused of not being plus sized. Can’t we just stop all the labeling and name calling.

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Celeb blogger to launch a teen magazine.


“Mistakes teach us the correct path. Broken hearts teach us to be more discerning in love. Success teaches us that dreams do come true. Failure keeps us humble and gives us insight on how to do it better next time.”