Irresistible Fashion

♥ I LOVE this Short Suit look over at Fashion Banana’s! It’s muy sophisticated and perfect for these hot Summer days!

♥ Creepy or Cute? Mariah Carey’s new perfume ad. Hmm. What do you think?

From Modly Chic, How to Tweak Your Outfit of the Day photos. I’m always curious how other bloggers do it. This is a nice tutorial!

♥ From The New Professional, How to Shop the Outlets!

50 Ways to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine.

Body Image

Everybody has a Beach Body. This is such a great post from Weesha over at another fav blog of mine, Weesha’s World. She is working it and has a fabulous message about body image.

Why do I always regain the weight?

Here comes the bride, dozens of pounds lighter! Wow!!!

Jennifer Hudson to write a weight loss memoir.

Weight Watchers Success Story, Outsmart Mindless Eating

Inspired Icing

Shift Your Mindset, Change Your Business. 5 great tips from

Where Does Self-Confidence Come From?

♥ From The Daily Love, Overcoming the 4 Aggravations.

Icing on the Cake (Total Randomness!)

♥ From Latina, 15 stars you THOUGHT were Latino…but aren’t!

15 Stars you thought WERE Latina. Really, Vanna White?!?! I had no idea!!!

♥ From Forbes, the Top 10 Most Depressing Careers.

The Backpack Umbrella? LOL.

FriskyScopes for the week ahead!

“How long we tolerate unhealthy circumstances is the only measure of how long they will last!”
~The Daily Love~