Welcome to the first “Irresistible Links” post of 2011!

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Pajama Jeans. I still don’t know about this one. And, I love me some jeggings.

Retro iPhone. Still hard to believe the phones we grew up with are now “retro!”

OWN is here! What is your favorite show so far on the Oprah Winfrey Network? I’m loving Master Class and I can’t wait for the series, Addicted to Food.

The Biggest Weight Stories of 2010.

♥ Oh no she didn’t! Kim Kardashian debuts her “single” at TAO nightclub in Vegas. Did she really have to?

Labyrinth with Sock Puppets. If you loved the original David Bowie movie (I do & I own it!), you must watch this. HA!

A year in Katy Perry’s Boobs. Even Elmo got in on the action.

What could be any cuter? Really. Tell me.

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine. I would love to be an early riser. As in 5am.

♥ What I’m reading now: The Secret: The Power

Victoria Beckham is moving to NYC to expand her fashion career.

As stated by Beckham . . .

“My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city.”

Kim Kardashian makes the cover of Glamour Magazine in February.

Dead Fish & Birds Falling from the Sky. What do you think this is all about?

Mila Kunis & Macaulay Culkin have split! Wait, what? Who even knew they were a couple?

“You’ve got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you’re not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice.”
~Steven D. Woodhull~

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