I survived an earthquake and a major hurricane all in one week! What a crazy week it has been. Virginia Beach got pounded by Hurricane Irene but thankfully my house survived with minimal siding damage and a broken fence. We have many other people still without power, cable, and severe damage to their homes. How did you make out in the hurricane?
Of course this video that’s made its way all over the WWW is from Virginia Beach. We have some lunatics here! Check this guy out flashing the weather man. LOL!!!
And now, on to the Irresistible Links for the week! Enjoy and stay Irresistible darling!
What your jeans say about you…Well, according to guys!
Little girls and diets? And a book about it?!?!
The daring fashion looks at the VMA’s . . . Did you have a fav outfit?
OMG! What were they thinking?!? A few celeb fashion FAILS!
The Frisky 50what they are really into right now.
Understanding Your Purpose….from The Daily Love!
FriskyScopes of the Week. I’m loving the Leo scope!

“Yes, many conundrums to face now, but if you’ve got the brains to sort them out, you’ll also have what it takes to sort out other upcoming opportunities—which could bring you major success.”

Butterfly eyelashes . . .maybe for Halloween but that’s about it!
It looks like a whole lotta awesome! I want to be at number 30!
FAT Booth! Photoshopped celebs.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”~Karen Lamb~