♥ I have to burn how many calories for ONE Sprinkles cupcake? Good thing I devoured not 1 but 2 of these last week during my San Diego trip. Geesh. Glad to know they don’t have one in my city!

Shop Irresistible Icing. These are a few online shopping sites that I recommend. Including, a link to shop my closet!

Chunk from the Goonies isn’t so chunky anymore! You do know that is my favorite movie, right?

Be An Internal Peacemaker. Great vlog from Gabrielle Bernstein. She is awesome!

♥ Facebook Fails. Fat Girl Angle Photos. This is pretty hilarious.

♥  Sofia Vergara (Oh how I love her!) stars in a new Diet Pepsi commerical.

♥ Do you waste hours on Facebook? Yea, you do. Check out the Facebook Workout! LOL

Khloe Kardashian dishes on post marriage weight gain.

Celebs wearing wacky hats! I need one of these! LOL

♥ Summer is almost here. Get the Suddenly Bare Workout from Glamour Mag!

♥ Gorgeous bling bling….celeb engagement rings.

“Clothes don’t need to be expensive to be fabulous.”
~Olivia Palermo~