FriskyScopes for the Week. What’s in the stars for you?!?

♥ Holy Hippy! Check out the celebs fashion during the Coachella Festival this past weekend. I’m not feeling the hippy look so much but I’m loving Kelly Osbourne’s outfit! She went opposite of hippy and looks irresistible! Coachella is a 3 day music and arts festival held in Indo, California.

♥ Royal Wedding Countdown! Are you ready? Check out everything you wanted to know about the wedding of William and Kate from A to Z in this interactive page! I love this!

♥ Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time of year for a picnic! Check out Perfect Picnic Fare from Shecky’s! That ham and cheese picnic bread looks divine! I need that in my life!

♥ The Impact of Barbie. Check out the Life Size Barbie that was created to help girls with eating disorders and body image issues. This is genius! I do believe that Barbie is just one of the many factors that has messed up our body image as women.

♥ From Entrepreneurial Woman, Secret to Success – You Must Have a Sense of Urgency! True that! Just like working out, it’s about “bursts” of energy! I love that concept.

What are teachers worth around the world? This is just sad. They are worth sooo much more and deserve to be paid way more.

♥ From SITS, Beautiful, Flirty Fashion for Easter. I just love that pencil skirt. Although, I believe every woman should have a black pencil skirt in their wardrobe.

♥ Screw You Body Image! Stop the Insanity and Blow the Whistle on Body Image Falsehoods.

Laa Loosh. Have you seen this blog before? She takes just about any recipe and makes it Weight Watchers friendly. Um, chicken pad thai? Yes, please!

♥ Speaking of Weight Watchers, have you heard of the Walk It Challenge? It’s time to get in shape, lose weight, and train for a 5K in an area near you! Let’s do it!

♥ Look great in a tank top and say goodbye to Arm Jiggle, from InStyle.

♥ Want a new nail style? Why not these bronze leopard print nails from Glamour Magazine?

♥ Model Vida Guerra gets naked….for Peta!

The Top 50 Restaurants of 2011.

“If you keep going when others give up that’s the time when normal turns into magical.”
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