Happy Father’s Day weekend! No, I didn’t post a weekly weigh in this week in case you are wondering. I should have posted why but I was all kinds of negative this week with some things that are going on. The scale didn’t help because it was up and I honestly don’t under stand why. I’m so frustrated with busting my ass, eating small portions but not seeing the payoff. I’m highly considering getting some kind of medical professional to intervene but I don’t even know what that would mean. Do I need surgery? Do I NEED to be on some kind of pills? See what I mean? I’m just frustrated with that and life at the moment and really didn’t feel like blogging about it. Anyways. I’m hoping for a better week, so stay tuned. Until then, here are some Irresistible Links to read.

♥ In case you missed it, be sure to check out my Skinny Piña Colada recipe on the blog!

♥ This Single Minute Of Jim Carrey’s Speech May Change Your Life Forever.

Jim Carrey Quote

♥ 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body. I think all of us that have lost or need to lose a significant amount of weight can totally relate to this. I once knew a girl that didn’t want to shed any pounds (Even though her doctor said she had to) because it would make her look “old” by losing the fat in her cheeks.

♥  Tim Gunn Wants An Entire Season Of ‘Project Runway’ To Feature Plus Size Models. Oh really? Now, he’s pro-plus size? <eye roll>

♥ Loving this floral dress from Simply Marlena.


♥ Plus-Size Models Reimagine the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover. winning!

Curves Illustrated

♥ Only in Japan. Store Sells Clothing in Skinny, Fat, and Jumbo Sizes. Seriously.

“Japanese lawmakers set a maximum waistline size for people ages 40 and over: 35.4 inches for women and 33.5 inches for men. Per the country’s health care coverage, employees undergo yearly checkups and those who don’t meet the waistline requirements are sent to health counseling.

♥  25 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers That Are Changing The Game

♥  This Film Exposes the Bitter Truth About Sugar and America’s Obesity Problem. Wow!

Have an Irresistible weekend! xoxo